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One of the best haircut experiences... EVER!
Curtis did an awesome job and he really knows how to use electric shears if it comes to cut a rockabilly-style flat-top. I was in Vegas with some friends and while they were having breakfast I was having a haircut. That was a nice start in the day and with the warm weather I was feeling way better after I lost some wool - hell, even the hangover was not as bad anymore:-)
Anyway, if you ever need a haircut while in Vegas THIS is the place to go!!
Oh, and, by the way,...the ladies will like your hair cut, too!! (NO KIDDIN').

-Pete G.
Seattle, WA

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I've been a customer for over 15yrs! Great service, Great atmosphere for ALL. A virtual social "melting pot" of culture, history, and Vegas experiences. Mike and Troy, Curt, "Tim-O" will leave you "A Cut Above the Rest"!

-Doug G. | Las Vegas, NV-  YELP

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